Sifat gets a new life

Since the age of three months, Sifat had breathing problems, a whistle sound while he was breathing, was losing weight and was always tired. Due to poverty, his family could not afford to take him to a private hospital for surgery. Father Md. Bipul Hossen is a van driver and mother Samsur Nahar is a house wife, they have little income and family members are five. 

Project in Bangladesh 2019

Sunshine and Harmony Foundation has inaugurated its vocation of international aid, financing a heart operation

The operation at the heart of a child, 2 years old, born with a serious malformation that lives in a village in the south west of Bangladesh, the project managed by @Rishilpi has been successful.

Sunshine and Harmony financed Sifat’s operation to allow Sifat to have a new life. The family is very happy and grateful to Sunshine and Harmony for its support.  Now Sifat is almost two years six months and plays always . His quality of life changed significantly and he doesn’t have any breathing problems anymore. Sunshine and Harmony supported Rishilpi for this operation.