Sadat gets a chance of life!

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Project in Tanzania 2019

Sunshine and Harmony Foundation financing an orthopaedic operation in Mwanza - Lake Victoria

The operation at the heart of a child, 2 years old, born with a serious malformation that lives in a village in the south-west of Bangladesh, the project managed by @Rishilpi has been successful.
Sadat gets a chance of life!

Bruna Colombo-Otten received from the Ndege Memorial Health Foundation a Certificate of Appreciation

  • Sadat Athuman Jabir is a13 years old Albino.
  • The boy was born in a very poor family, suffering terrible chronic infection with discharging pus per sinuses from bones, rigid joints, hip dislocation, and severe anemia.
  • Sadat had 3 surgeries on both lower limbs and stayed in the ward for 6 MONTHS UNDER TREATMENT.
  • In May 2019 Sunshine and Harmony paid for a fourth operation that involved Contracture Release to enable Sadat to achieve joint flexibility and walk.