a brighter future

Dar er Salaam - Moshi - Simanjiro - Mwanza

First step Tanzania

I leave tomorrow morning Wednesday 9th October from Zurich to Dar er Salaam where I have to stay the night;
on Thursday 10th October in the morning, I will meet Dr. Jafary Ndege that has taken Said to the National Hospital in Dar er Salaam, unfortunately, to have his leg amputated, to save his life. In the afternoon I will take an internal flight to go to Kilimanjaro. My friend will arrive from London the next day.
11th October.
Together we will start to go around the area, visiting an orphanage in Moshi and the Maasai village in Simanjiro where we hope to build a well in partnership with our friend Pili’s organization Tanzania’s Projects.
Before flying to Mwanza on Lake Victoria we will visit the Youth Centre in Arusha.