Said’s life is safe!

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a brighter future

Project is in aid of Said 25 years old

This morning Dr. Jafary and I went together to visit Said to the major National Hospital where he had his right leg amputated because the cancer was too big and advanced.
Tin this way, Said’s life was saved and he finally doesn’t have constant pains anymore.

Said was very happy to see us; he looked relieved that cancer had not spread and he is determined to go back to an active life helped later by a prothesis that we of Sunshine and Harmony hope to get donations for it.

Today Said was going back home, in the Kilimanjaro area, to continue his recovering. Dr. Jafary and I will go to visit him in three weeks to see his progress.

Dar es Salaam - Tanzania

At the hospital with Dr. Jafary and Said.