Her Journey To School

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a brighter future

Education program for 800 girls
Support education, Pad a girl campaign, Sexual reproductive health awareness, community awareness campaign. All of these means mentoring the women leaders of tomorrow.

Ellie's project starts from rural areas, supporting girls who want to study, fighting domestic violence, providing sexual reproductive health and rights and leadership skills.
Arusha and Mwanza - Tanzania

Believe in women, stand against inequality, give a chance to girls

Her journey to school: fighting gender inequality through education

Sunshine and Harmony supports “Her Journey to School”: “We believe that girls can be self-reliant, confident, empowered, goal-oriented, trustworthy, and fiscally responsible, and can shape their own futures and solve their own problems. We believe that girls have the right to equal access to education, the right to be heard, the right to live free from exploitation, the right to be happy, and the right to be hopeful. We believe that girls can inspire others, become leaders and role models, educate others, and be agents of change in their community”

Who is Ellie? We met her on the ground, she is the founder of “Her Journey To School”. She was the youngest of 9 children, she was the first to go to school thanks to organizations AfricAid  and “She’s the first”.  She became a role model,  mentor for other girls, supporting their educational journey.

Her Journey to School is a relatively new program and received only a grant from Rotary Club of Evergreen and She’s the First, as one of the Fellows. However,  Ellie’s work with girls throughout the past years means she is so far been selected as an STF Fellow, a delegate to the ”Young Leaders Forum in Uganda”, and have been featured in Teen Vogue after meeting Mrs. Michelle Obama in New York City on October 10, 2018. The next day she was featured on the American “Today Show” with Mr. Al Roker along with actress Freida Pinto while helping promote the ”Day of the Girl” celebration in NYC! The impact of HJTS work can be seen in the changing attitudes of parents in the community where she works, as well as in the girls themselves.

Project’s objective: inclusion of 140 girls aged 13 to 23 in the school system, 40 in Arusha and 100 in Mwanza.

60 students in Arusha are going to school and keep on in 2020, as meetings with their parents (184 people) are running, thanks to parental awareness coordinators volunteering, while mentors are teaching at schools. 

The total cost of the annual project 23.000 euros,  the monthly cost varies with an average of 1900 euros a month, the start-up is the one that costs the most 3700 (January).

The average cost for each girl / family is around 30 euros. This cost covers: transportation for girl to school and for parents to meetings, stationary expenses, sanitary towels, payment of teachers, supplies for the school. 

Can you support a girl, that means support a family?
Why to do so?
To mentor and coach girls, to provide health education, to help communities to grow.
The Pad campaign is an important part of the project, cause we want to help girls build THE JOY OF BEING A WOMAN.
We need at least
€ 3700
to include 140 girls in the program
Please donate