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Education program for 800 girls
Support education, Pad a girl campaign, Sexual reproductive health awareness, community awareness campaign. All of these means mentoring the women leaders of tomorrow.

Arusha e Mwanza - Tanzania

Believe in women, stand against inequality, give a chance to girls

Her journey to school: fighting gender inequality through education

Sunshine and Harmony supports “Her Journey to School”: “We believe that girls can be self-reliant, confident, empowered, goal-oriented, trustworthy, and fiscally responsible, and can shape their own futures and solve their own problems. We believe that girls have the right to equal access to education, the right to be heard, the right to live free from exploitation, the right to be happy, and the right to be hopeful. We believe that girls can inspire others, become leaders and role models, educate others, and be agents of change in their community”

Who is Ellie? We met her on the ground, she is the founder of “Her Journey To School”. She was the youngest of 9 children, she was the first to go to school thanks to organizations “Kisa Project” and “She’s the first”.  She became a mentor for other girls, supporting them for studying and starting an enterpreneuship program  (form learning batik to do a business plan). She is part of the  “Global Girls Alliance” of Michelle Obama.

Ellie’s project starts from rural areas, supporting girls who want to study, fighting domestic violence, providing sexual reproductive health and rights and leadership skills.

We need at least
€ 3700
to include 140 girls in the program!
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Simanjiro - north of Tanzania

Engare project

For Tanzanian women

Sunshine and Harmony together with Pili, Tanzania Project, are in Tanzania to help women to search for water. Everyday, they have to make a journey with tehir donkeys, one hour to go and one to come back. We are developing “Engare Project” to build a well to get nearer and safer water than that you see in this pond. We need you! We do hope together to make it possible.

€ 20.000
are needed to make the project possible.
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a brighter future

Project is in aid of this 25 years old girl

NDEGE MEMORIAL HEALTH FOUNDATION is a Registered NGO in Tanzania Under Ministry of Health and Community Development, that deals with CHARITY, HEALTH PROJECTS, RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH.

She may need breats to be removed if cancer has not metastasized but also to do a biopsy and several investigations and admit the pt for immediate intervention.
Mwanza - Tanzania

Neema's life is in danger

She needs urgent medical treatment

This girl started feeling a little pain 2 months ago on the right breast then pain shifted on the left breast without any swelling. As time went on she started feeling the fullness of both breasts with severe pain. One month later, breasts started swelling rapidly with very very severe pain. Breasts have been with increased swelling and deep pain and heaviness and she is becoming cachexic within a short period of time.

Its suspected breast malignancies and unfortunately she is also pregnant about 6 months of gestation age. The husband runs away after seeing the situation of the wife in severe fatal disease and cries all the time. Currently the girl is alone in a rented house and actually she needs urgent medical treatment as she delays progress becomes poorer. She is poor can’t afford expenses with the family.

We need at least
$ 2200
for operation and medical treatment
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a brighter future

These children need your support!

The venture will be owned by Poverelle Sisters of the Palazzolo Institute of Bergamo.

Poverelle Sisters of the Palazzolo Institute of Bergamo, that arrived in Kenya in 1998 with the objective of working in the poorest areas among the marginalized, the rejected and forgotten persons, starting the House of Charity, in 2014, that was constructed in honour and memory of the six Italian Sisters “Witnesses of Charity” who died in Congo in 1995 as a result of the Ebola virus.

The center is planned for 100 children.

You can sponsor a child.
€ 240 a year

The nursery will be for the very poor children of Gachie village and hopefully later for more children in the neighboring villages.

Transport fee
Colourful uniforms
Gachie village, Nairobi - Kenya

Support a Nursery in Nairobi

Please help us to build a nursery for the many children abandoned in the street because their parents are not cruel but very poor and need to go to work in the fields.
There is no place for the children to go before they start the local school at age 6!
In our nursery, the children can have a meal, be protected, learn and play, above all be safe and happy.

Palazzolo Daycare Center will be located at the site of the former Palazzolo health center, Gachie village, Nairobi Kenya. The old existing building needs to be adjusted and refurnished for its new purpose as a Nursery for 100 children.

We aim to raise at least
€ 25.000
to support them.
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