Bruna Colombo-Otten

Sunshine and Harmony

the brighter future

Bruna Colombo Otten, President of Sunshine and Harmony Foundation.
Experienced Founder with a history of working in the fundraising industry. Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Event Planning and Event Management.
Strong social humanitarian feelings with a Master focused in Social Anthropology from UCL – UK. British and Italian Nationality, living partly in Liechtenstein.
Bruna Clombo-Otten went for the first time in Bangladesh in May 2004 to see a project in the northwest. One year after already she was starting a project for Bholas children.

In 2009 she raised funds for Bholas Children, following the route of Santiago de Compostela da Sarria, for 120 km in 5 days. She supported three charities operating for Bangladesh.
Today she founded Sunshine and Harmony Foundation and her aim is always supporting Bangladesh but also another country she loves, Tanzania.